Monday, October 1, 2007

Microsoft Word for Resume Writers

I was talking with an Omaha-based colleague today and we got on the topic of Microsoft Word, because (in addition to resumes), she's been working on a number of dissertations (formatting and editing) and she mentioned how she's used the WordTips forum that Don Orlando recommends to get answers on how to do things like footnotes in Word.

I told her that I had learned a bunch of new ideas from Rhonda Douglas-Charles' presentation on Microsoft Word last week, and I was looking forward to trying some of them out. Rhonda had offered to e-mail tips sheets for the specific version of Word you use, and I just finished taking an inventory of the number of Microsoft Word licenses I have around the office ... at least five that I know of. Yikes! (And since we're 100% Mac-based, they'll all Word versions for the Mac: Microsoft Word SE, Word 98, Word for OSX, and more....)

And then I just opened up Google News and saw that Microsoft is going to be offering a version of Word for the Web that will allow you to store and retrieve (but not edit) Word documents online. Google's getting into that business too. Wonder what that will mean for us resume writers. I'll let you know when I know!

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