Monday, February 25, 2008

Blog About What Matters to Your Clients

Wonder about how to justify your prices to clients? Put it in terms they understand -- and blog about it to draw their attention to the issue while you build your credibility.

For example, I'm researching Nebraska's unemployment benefits for an upcoming Resume Writers' Digest Special Report. In conducting my research, I found some interesting information that is extremely relevant to prospective clients. Many people think that unemployment benefits will keep them afloat if they are out of work. But the reality is, unemployment benefits are a safety net -- and there are quite a few holes in that net.

Using information culled from about 15 minutes of research, I wrote a blog post on Nebraska Unemployment Benefits that is sure to open the eyes of more than a few prospective clients. I could use the same information in a news release I send to the local paper.

(Feel free to use the post as a model for your own blog post or news release.)

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