Thursday, March 27, 2008

Do You CareerWorldWiki?

I'm fascinated by technology ... although I don't often understand it. I'm on LinkedIn, but after attending Jason Alba's presentation last week, I understand that I'm not using it as effectively as I can. I also like web portfolios, although I can't create those. And I love websites (my special expertise is in registering domain names, apparently) ... but my husband is the one with the technical knowledge to build and update them.

So when it comes to wikis, I'm a novice. My limited expertise in this area is that I know about Wikipedia, and the controversy that erupted after some people edited pages in ways that they probably shouldn't have.

So when Laura DeCarlo, of Career Directors International, told me about the CareerWorldWiki, I thought I'd better check it out. Defined, a wiki is "
A website or similar online resource which allows users to add and edit content collectively."

The beauty of a wiki is that the more people that contribute their knowledge, the better the resource it becomes. The bad thing is: You need people to contribute their expertise.

From what Laura told me, the CareerWorldWiki is in its starting phases. But it's not limited to Career Directors members! Any careers industry professional can contribute their knowledge to try to crate what DeCarlo describes as "a one-source compendium of information for both job seekrs and career professions on numerous career service/career process topics."

Check it out -- and consider contributing your expertise. You can then link to that content you created from your own website -- building your credibility! I'd love to come back in a month and see that the contributions have doubled ... or tripled. Are you up to the challenge? Will you wiki with me?

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