Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fake Career Associations

Well, I'm updating the Resume Writers' Digest database again, and my search for some of the careers professionals that have moved or left the business continues.

Along the way, I have come across some interesting things -- like a couple of associations for resume writers and career professionals which -- according to my research -- simply don't exist. Yet they issue membership certificates and apparently award a "Certified Professional Resume Writer" credential.

A search for "National Association of Career Professionals" on Google came up empty.

Likewise, a search for the "International Association of Professional Resume Writers" turned up no matches.

There are plenty of legitimate professional associations serving the careers industry out there, like:
You'll find all of those associations using Google.


  1. Glad to have helped. If you need anything else, or if this turns out to need tweaking, let us know,

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  2. Dear Sir,

    I have received a job offer via mail after my application in a golf site for jobs with my CV. I have received after a job offering mail telling me that I must obtain Certificate Attestation and Affidavits of Guaranty and trust and scan it to the university to proceed in the process of papers. The university is pretending to be in London ( ) and the mail is offering me a teacher position.
    Am so fearful your Excellency that this is fake, especially that I have seen this mail in many Nigerian job sites. Am very poor and have no money! Shale I trust this?
    Waiting for your help.
    Many thanks for the time you gave to read my email.

  3. While Riley University College appears to be legitimate (, I think the request for your information is not legitimate. They may be "spoofing" the real university.

    Here is the admission info -- you might contact someone through the email listed on that *real* page and see if the job offer was real or not:

    Good luck!

  4. thanks for the replly
    in fact i think it was a fuk beacause they asked me to send them 550 pound ...............