Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oprah Finale: The Ultimate Job Change

Resume writers Charlotte Weeks, Robyn L. Feldberg, and Kim Mohiuddin developed a project called "SixDegrees2Oprah." Billed as "Three career gurus join forces to demonstrate the power of targeted networking by doing the impossible -- scoring tickets to Oprah's last season (and maybe an appearance)!"

They were able to "do the impossible," landing tickets on three separate occasions to tapings during Oprah's last season. I've been following the progress of this project on Facebook, and that reminded me of the bigger picture -- Oprah is conducting a very public career change. Retiring after 25 years of hosting the nation's top-rated talk show, she is facing some big changes and challenges with her career change.

This is a huge opportunity for resume writers interested in obtaining media attention for their business -- consider a tie-in to the Oprah finale next week (May 25). Send a news release (but do it today or tomorrow). Pitch the producer of the morning show on your local television network that airs "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

Some possible story angles/topics to consider:
  • It's easy to succeed in your job when you love it. When you have passion for the work you do, it makes going to work each day easier. It was apparent that Oprah loved her job -- she covered topics she cared about and interviewed interesting people ... and viewers connected with her because they could sense her passion about the topics.
  • Career changes can be difficult if you're widely identified with your career. Although Oprah is an actress, magazine publisher, and producer, she is most widely associated with her television show. When you have a high-profile career and then you change jobs, it can trigger some identity and self-esteem issues.
  • A very public "good-bye" – career changes can be easier when you can successfully close the door on your old career. Retiring or voluntarily leaving a job makes it easier to move into a new job or a new career than if you are fired.


  1. Oprah is an unbeliveable ledgend. Apparently she ended up with her feature show because the powers to be thought her in your face style of jounalism too confrontational and they wanted to get rid of her shunting her to the side with her own talk show. Fortunately, America loved her style and the rest is history. She is a born executive and has proved it by producing her own show and a magazine as well as tv specials. Her career change is one of degree, still the boss, and wearing many hats, she will not be performing but will expand her power and influence and ability to bring in more money. To your future success Oprah! I agree that you know how to use your money and influence to improve many people's lives.

  2. Well said, Barbara!

    It's really amazing how she molded the job to fit her style -- and then created a whole career & industry in the same style!