Friday, August 19, 2011

Great JobMob Post on 4-Step Recipe to Become a Golden Job Candidate

Rosa Vargas wrote this excellent post on the JobMob website (thanks to Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter for the link on Facebook).

Rosa writes that job seekers must identify their "golden distinction," using the following formula:

a. In alignment with what is needed for the type of jobs I am targeting, I need to promote the following three personal profile qualities _______, _______, and ______ in my marketing message.
b. To perfectly match what is needed from the ideal candidate, I need to convey my unique talent in being able to achieve _______________________________________ consistently throughout my career. This is evidenced by the following examples from my career: (choose at least 3).
c. This skill (“b” above) is unique of someone with my qualifications and experiences in that I, unlike most, will go about it this way ___________________________________________________.
d. To convince employers my distinction positions me to solve their problem(s) and deliver benefits for XYZ Company, I must promise them the following ______________________ as an end result.

Read the full post at:

Are you sharing this kind of valuable information with your clients, or are you just writing their resume?

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