Friday, March 28, 2008

Time is More Valuable Than Money

One of my favorite productivity experts, Dr. Donald Wetmore, said:
"Time is more valuable than money -- because money comes from time."

That is particularly true for resume writers. A lot of resume writers I know underestimate our ability to manage our time. We think it will take us 2 hours to write the resume ... but it takes us three. We think we can keep up with our billing and administrative details while writing 3 resumes... but we can't.

What kinds of things are keeping you from achieving what you want? Procrastination? Disorganization? Getting bored? Frequent interruptions?

Dr. Wetmore also said, "Time management is not doing the wrong things faster -- it's doing the right things."

If you work from home, you know how challenging it can be. We work 15% more hours in a day than we did 10 years ago. In a home office environment, it can be 20-25% or more. I know that sometimes I go down to my home office in the basement to do "just one thing" and four hours later, my husband comes looking for me.

Another interesting comment Dr. Wetmore made was, "There is very little correlation between the quantity of time we sepnd and what we get as an output."

Those who make billions of dollars aren't "billions of times smarter" than the rest of us ... they just use their time differently.

Budget some self-improvement time for yourself -- most everything you know today will be obsolete in five years.

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