Thursday, December 17, 2009

ReTweet Wisdom #1

I'm on Twitter and get so much good advice on there (inspirational sayings & quotes, links to great blogs) that I'm going to share some of it occasionally on here with you. I only follow 103 people (currently) and I can't believe the great ideas, information, and resources that shows up in my Twitter feed!

Here's just a sample of the ones I liked in the last five minutes:

RT @derekfred 5 Tips For Making a Good First Impression #jobsearch (Thanks @BriteTab)

@KellyMagowan Glass Door, 50 best places to work in 2010 (Thanks @AnneMarieCross

HireCentrix Weighing the Value of That College Diploma

Animal Introverts & Networking - - by @JulieWalraven <-- it's all explained here @KevinWGrossman

BriteTab Build Your Brand #Networking #jobsearch

JobHuntOrg #jobhunting Effective networking follow-up for the holidays & beyond by @Keppie_Careers -

Here are some folks you should definitely follow on Twitter (more to come--this is just a start!):
Animal (recruiter)
JulieWalraven (resume writer)
BarbaraSafani (resume writer)
ValueIntoWords (Jacqui Poindexter, resume writer)