Recommended Reading

51 Alternatives to a Real Job (Jason Alba)
For folks looking to go beyond the traditional "J-O-B," this book explores the possibilities of self-employment and non-traditional career options.

Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand (William Arruda, Kirsten Dixson)
One of my absolute favorite books on personal brand building: Your guide to becoming "digitally distinct." Contains "big picture" branding concepts and practical, "do this" guidance for becoming more visible in your job search.
Designing the Perfect Resume: Resumes That Pop (Pat Criscito) [limited availability]

Ditch, Dare, Do! (Deb Dib and William Arruda)
While I don't agree with everything Deb and William say about the "new look" of resumes (a topic not explored in this book), I do like their approach to personal branding -- and, specifically, the idea of spending 9 minutes a day on personal brand-building activities.

Billed as "The Only Networking Book You'll Ever Need," this is a book I recommend to all my jobseeking clients who need help expanding their personal network to help them find unadvertised job opportunities. Truly a "timeless classic" for jobseekers.

Forget Job Security: Build Your Marketability (Dawn Rasmussen)

A book I recommend for jobseekers AND resume writers. If you're a jobseeker and need to be a “rainmaker” in your job, this book will give you a step-by-step system. If you're a resume writer who wants more clients, work the 28-day plan and you'll see results!

Get Hired Now (C.J. Hayden, Frank Traditi)
Written by the author of “Get Clients Now,” this book applies the same principles to the job search. For clients who are "lost or stuck" in their job search, this is my go-to resource to recommend to them.

Get Hired Now! [Kindle version] (C.J. Hayden, Frank Traditi)
The Kindle version of the book. I actually prefer the paperback edition (listed above).
You might not expect to see a “happiness” book in a list of recommended reading on this site, but I really found this book to be useful in keeping a positive attitude.

How to Get Hired Faster on LinkedIn (David Perry, Kevin Donlin)

How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Profile (Brenda Bernstein)

What I consider to be "the original jobseeker's guide to getting the most out of LinkedIn," this is a great resource for jobseekers wondering what to do once they've set up their LinkedIn profile. 

LinkedInfluence (Lewis Howes)

Modernize Your Resume (Wendy Enelow, Louise Kursmark)

Resume Magic: 4th Edition (Susan Britton Whitcomb)

The Blue Sky Guide to LinkedIn (Louise Fletcher)
Louise Fletcher, owner of Blue Sky Resumes, has put together this ebook guide to LinkedIn. Short, sweet, and to-the-point, jobseekers will benefit from understanding how LinkedIn can benefit them in the job search. (Note to resume writers: Louise does advertise her own resume writing and LinkedIn profile development services in the book.)

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