Saturday, November 15, 2014

Q&A: "I'm Overwhelmed With All The Resources I Got From"

Today's blog post answers a reader question!

Q. I do appreciate all the work you do and the information is awesome, just overwhelming getting so many emails from one membership ( Can you give me some thoughts on how I can manage this? Are all the information you send domiciled on the website?

A. First thing: Don't be overwhelmed! :-)

You don't have to take advantage of all the information! But I can help with the "remembering that it is there when I need it" part of things! I recommend that you create three folders on your hard drive: BARW Special Reports, BARW PAMs, BARW Learning.

Each month, when you get the notification of your special report, save it to the BARW Special Reports folder. If you have time, read the report when you get it (assuming it's a topic you're interested in at the time). Most of the special reports will take you 10-15 minutes to read.  I find that some of my reports are ones that resume writers like to "come back to" when they have a need. For example, if you're not ready to incorporate passive income into your resume writing business (selling information products, affiliate marketing, etc.), just save them to your computer and then when you are ready, you'll have them there. 

When you get each month's Pass-Along Materials content, save it to the BARW PAMs folder. But these are more "actionable" items. These are designed to be something you can put to work for you to help your clients, so I recommend doing something with them right away. Yes, this is done-for-you content that you can put your name on and either give away to clients/prospects/the public or sell!

It can be as simple as writing a blog post using the content, or pulling out 3-7 tips and scheduling them as social media content (I use Hootsuite to do this -- the free level account allows you to connect up to 5 social media profiles and schedule content in advance). OR, if it's a topic guide (like September's PAM on conducting a confidential job search), you can take 10 minutes and turn in into a short report to help your clients, or customize it more and turn it into something you sell (creative passive income for your business!).

Here's a video I made that will show you how:

The PAMs are literally things that I use every day with my clients. They're great for giving stuck/lost/confused clients a little extra boost in an area where they might need help. So if you take 15 minutes to personalize them and get them ready to use when you first get them, they'll be a resource you can use over and over again.

As for the BARW Learning folder, that's where you can download the teleseminar recordings and transcripts, and back issues of the Resume Writers' Digest newsletter to listen to and/or read whenever you have extra time. Some resume writers put the MP3s on their iPods and listen to them when they're in the car, or exercising. Or print out the transcripts or back issues and put them in the bathroom or on your bedside table. Or keep a couple in the car for when you're waiting for someone, or going to an appointment where you'll have to wait.

Like I said, though, don't be overwhelmed! Each month, there are only 2 things you need to do something with -- the Special Report and Pass-Along Materials -- the rest of the stuff will stay in the Bronze membership section for you to access at any time (as long as your Bronze membership is active). And you don't actually have to DO anything with them ... just download them to your computer for later, if that's all you have time for!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

How to Keep People Interested In Your Website

Sometimes it can take prospects more than one visit to your website before they decide to become a client. But how can you get them engaged in your website (that is, how can you get them to come back?)

Here are six strategies to implement on your website to keep people interested — and coming back!

#1  Blog.  Blog comments are a way for people to be interactive on your website. Of course, you'll have to offer regular and valuable content and youĂ­ll want to inspire conversation. This can be done by asking a question, stirring the pot with a little controversy, or by offering valuable content people feel compelled to thank you for and comment on.

#2  Let them promote you! Digg, Twitter and other sites let readers, fans, and prospects promote your posts and content. Use "social share" buttons on your website that make it easy for visitors to do this.

#3  Sponsor contests or sweepstakes.  There is nothing more fun than winning something and people love to enter contests. Whether it's a sweepstakes where the item is won via a drawing or a contest where skills are required, winning is fun and a great way to get people involved.

#4  Surveys/polls. Ask your visitors for their opinion. People love to share their opinion and voice their concerns, interests, and challenges. Get them involved by posting surveys and/or polls. (You can also use the information that you learn from the surveys to design additional services and information products to serve jobseekers!)

#5  Ask for feedback.  Want to know what your prospect's most pressing concerns are? What they need, want, hope for and desire? Ask them.  It's a great way to research your target audience and a great way to stimulate a little website interactivity.

#6 Question of the day/week/month.  If you blog, posting a regular question of the day, week or month is a valuable way to connect with your audience. Your audience is able to communicate what they need, you gain valuable insight, and you boost interactivity. It's a win-win-win! (This is also something you can do on your Facebook page.)

Interactivity is a fantastic way to build trust with prospective clients so they become customers. Loyal customers and prospects boost awareness, word of mouth communication, and your bottom line.  Implement a few of these interactivity-boosting strategies today!

Monday, November 3, 2014

12 Ways to Increase Visibility and Market Your Business Services

I'm always looking for opportunities to learn — especially marketing strategies for career industry professionals — so I was happy to see that Debra Ann Matthews was presenting a teleseminar for the National Resume Writer's Association (NRWA).

Debra Ann shared "12 Ways to Increase Visibility and Market Your Business Services." (Usually, the NRWA allows you to purchase the recording/handout after the call — but the link to do that wasn't yet up by the time I posted this.)

While some of the strategies will already be familiar to experienced resume writers, she shared a couple of surprising tips.

For example, #8: Share who you are with your colleagues.
Did you know that other resume writers can be a GREAT source of clients for you? But that's only possible if they know who you are, and who you serve.

Debra Ann is also a strong believer in using public relations/media relations to increase your profile, attract the attention of prospective clients, and justify your value to clients. Like me, she advocates using strategies like article writing, podcasting, radio and television interviews, sending news releases, and subscribing to services like Help A Reporter Out (HARO) to take advantage of media opportunities.