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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Resources For Resume Writers

Are you familiar with these resources that can help you as a resume writer?

Start, Operate, Profit! The Ultimate Resource for Building a $100,000 Resume Writing Business
(3rd edition)
Teena Rose’s excellent book to help you start or grow your resume writing business — “the definitive resource for those getting started or who want to be the best they can be.” The book’s contents encompass business structure and naming, business planning, marketing and advertising, pricing, customer relations, resume writing strategies, add-on products, and more. You can also visit the link to receive a free 19-page preview of the book. Available for immediate download as a digital file.

Making Money as a Resume Subcontractor Special Report
Looking to earn extra income as a résumé writer? Subcontracting can be an excellent source of supplemental income. This 45-page special report includes profiles of resume writers who subcontract, information on what subcontractors pay, how to contact them (including a sample cover letter and résumé), results of the Resume Writers’ Digest Subcontracting Survey (average compensation, turnaround time, workstyle, etc.), keys to success (from the contracting writer’s perspective), what to look for in a contract, and more than 30 listings of contracting individuals and firms (including requirements, workstyle, turnaround time, compensation, and more). Available for immediate download as a digital file.

Write Great Resumes Faster
Make more money with less work! Are you ever stumped on where to start when writing a resume? Do you keep track of how long it takes you to write a résumé? Looking for ideas on how to create better resumes to win your clients an interview? How much more money could you make if you could write resumes even just a little bit faster than you do now — without sacrificing quality? This special report contains hundreds of ideas and resources compiled by Bridget (Weide) Brooks, CPRW. Hundreds of copies of this book have been sold to résumé writers — many consider it an “indispensable resource” they use for inspiration when they get stuck. Available for immediate download as a digital file. (Third edition.)

Developing Strategic Alliances and Partnerships With Recruiters
Are you thinking about developing a referral relationship with a recruiter, but are wondering where to start, and how to structure it? This special report has the answers. Topics covered include: How to find recruiting firms to partner with, questions to ask a recruiting firm (or to research) if you are approached for a referral relationship, what operations issues you should consider (like how to track referrals, compensation, and scope of commissionable work), how you should decide what to pay for a referral (and when you might not have to pay for high-quality, new clients at all!), Contains case studies from actual resume writers. Available for immediate download as a digital file.

Find more ebooks and special reports here:
BeAResumeWriter Resources

Friday, September 3, 2010

Resources for the Resume Writer

I came across some good resources in Susan Friedmann's book, 'Riches in Niches' and thought I'd share them with you!

Media Resources:
How to Give a Good Interview
Media Toolbox
Instant Media Training

Radio Resources:
Radio Locator
Radio-TV Interview Report
Radio Interview Performance Tips
Tips for Being Interviewed on the Radio
Public Relations and Publicity Articles
How to Be a Well-Dressed Guest on TV
Publicity Tips from the Experts (transcripts of expert teleclasses)
PR News & Tips

Marketing & Public Relations Resources:
Marcia Yudkin's Handpicked Resources for Marketing & PR
Marketing Using Tips Booklets
Tradeshow Resources
Book Marketing Articles
Niche Sites to Go
37 Ways to Promote Your Website
Affiliate and Web Marketing
Promoting Your Writing (Book Promotion)

Public Speaking:
Articles on Public Speaking
Tips for Speakers

Find Associations
Associations & Societies
National Council of Nonprofits

Writer's Weekly
Librarians' Internet Index
Collaborative Writing Software

Blogging and Podcasting:
Executive Blogger's Guide
Marketing Blog

Workshops & Seminars:
Preparing and Delivering a Seminar
What Makes a Good Workshop?

Online Learning:
Using Teleseminars to Boost Business
Selling Informational Products

Exit Strategies:
Exit Strategies for Your Business (Entrepreneur Magazine)
4D's of a Business Exit Strategy

Business Information:
Business Ideas
Resource Information for Entrepreneurs
SCORE Counselors to Small Business
Small Business Resources
High Growth Industries