Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to Get People To Trust You Online

Yesterday's blog post talked about how to get more traffic to your website. But how do you get them to become clients once they're at your site? One big factor is whether or not they trust you.

I'm a member of Mark Hendricks' Internet Success System. Each month, Mark offers a Q&A call, and last night's was on the topic of building trust with prospects -- but hurry, the recording will only be available until May 25.

Here were some of the areas he discussed:
  • How to build trust and how not to build trust
  • How to make offers without the "snake-oil sales techniques"
  • Do "trust logo graphics" on websites really get people to trust you
  • Slick sales process tactics exposed
  • The power of personal referrals and why you should be careful who you recommend to others
  • Using honest business and trust building strategies for short and long-term success
  • An easy way to build trust and goodwill to your customer
  • Why people keep falling for the next "magic button, silver bullet or shiny object"
  • What kind of offers can you make to build trust and credibility
  • What is risk reversal and how can you use it in your offers
  • The hidden reason why people should pay you for your products and services
  • Why you should narrow your offering down to a few simple choices
  • How to get great profit ideas from outside your niche marketplace
  • A quick example of how just a few additional words can position you as a trusted person to do business with
  • The secret of changing your results by changing the most overlooked thing you can do
  • Should you use free offers or low price offers to attract new prospects and customers
  • The one marketing tactic you must learn to love that gets you more of the results you really want
Click here to listen to the audio. It's free, and you don't need to register for anything, or buy anything.

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