Friday, May 27, 2011 Legitimate Promotion or Fraud?

I received the following e-mail from a resume writing colleague:

As you have probably already heard, BestResumeWriters.Net is a new online directory that has professional resume writers listed for free.
Our editorial team thought your free profile on will be a win-win solution to you and your potential customers.
Our data entry team had gathered some information about you, publically available on the Web.
Your profile is ready and live on the website now.
With this mail we invite you to visit and type your name / last name into the search field, find your profile and verify you are fine with this listing on BestResumeWriters.NET.
Please see your profile with us, and let us know if you are fine with being listed as the Best Resume Writer on our website, and if your profile composed by us meets your expectations.
If we do not get your permission by May 30th, we will delete your profile until you request to have it recovered.
If you fail locating your profile on our website but you wish to be listed on please notify us with the email sent to
From our side we commit for the online directory transparency and marketing:
* the messages/inquiries sent to you will be routed to your email in a timely manner,
* the information acquired from the messages we receive will not be used for any other purpose but relaying to the resume writer needed,
* the online directory will be marketed in terms of Search Engine Optimization and so called cost-per-click traffic to bring the best resume writers listed on our website more and more clients,
* we will be working next on the website functionality improvement, aiming to provide convenient and effective search tool to the job seekers in need for the resume writing help.
Thank you for being the Best Resume Writer!
Regards, Team

She was asking for feedback about this "opportunity" -- in particular, she was concerned because there is no "name" associated with the website. When I clicked on the contact page, I tried the links for both Twitter and LinkedIn, and neither worked.

Resume writing colleague Roleta Fowler Vasquez, CPRW/CEIP, Owner of Wordbusters Resume and Writing Services wrote about on a "fraud alert" page on her website.

Roleta reported that there is some confusion as to whether the "contact this writer" inquiries are forwarded to the resume writer or not. I will investigate this further.

Do you have any information on this site? I will update this post with new information as I receive it.

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