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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

I’m Obsessed With Accomplishments

I’m working to put together a new training focused on gathering client accomplishments.

I happened to be thumbing through (electronically, of course), a back issue of the Resume Writers’ Digest newsletter (the July/August 2001 to be exact), and I came across this “From from the Editor” column. Even now, 18 years later, it’s still timely, so I’m reprinting it here. (I typed the text in below because I didn’t think you’d be able to read the screen shot.)

It’s All About Value
What makes you worth the money people pay you?
I was recently working with a client who was developing a proposal for a promotion. She was looking to add additional responsibilities — and receive additional pay — but was struggling to put a dollar value on the work. Specifically, she was worried about asking for more money than the other people with her job title were making.

So I asked her if anyone else with her job title had the same qualifications. No, she answered. Were any of them looking to take on the kind of extra duties her promotion proposal entailed? No again. Then stop worrying, I told her. She was trying to compare apples and oranges. Her value to the company was greater than those with equal titles, but not equal responsibilities and ambition.

Here’s another way of thinking about it. Ask your clients this question: Would employers be willing to pay you more if you did more of one part of your job, or did it better?

For salespeople, the answer is easy.“If I sold more widgets than the other salespeople, my employer would be willing to pay me more.” In fact, that’s what a commission is — extra payment for extra work.

These are the achievements we try to draw out for our client’s resumes. But think about this in relation to your own business. Which resume writers make the most money? Usually, those who charge the higher rates. What enables them to charge higher rates? The value their clients pay is less than the value they receive — in other words, those that can deliver for their clients what the clients want and can’t get themselves.

Want to make more money? Ask yourself what part of what you do — if you did it better — would clients be willing to pay you more to do? Then figure out a way to do it ... and find out just how “value-able” your talents are.

Think about it.


By the way, there is a TON of golden information in the back issues of the Resume Writers’ Digest newsletter, which was published bimonthly from July 1999 through March 2005 and intermittently since then. If you are a Bronze member of, you have access to the Archive of Back Issues. It’s just ONE of the many benefits of membership for just $13/month! Join here.

Friday, July 31, 2009

10 Years of Resume Writers Digest (1999-2009)

I didn't want this month to pass without acknowledging the 10th anniversary of Resume Writers' Digest. Our first issue was published in July/August 1999.

Here's what I wrote in my inaugural "From the Editor" column in that issue:

I'm sure the first question that crossed your mind when you opened your mail today was, "What's this?"

"This" is Resume Writer's Digest -- a new bimonthly newsletter for resume writers.

Another newsletter?
No, it's not just another newsletter. It's a resource for you, the professional resume writer. Whether you are a part-time resume writer or you've made it your career, this publication is for you.

We provide news and information about employment-related issues. But we're also about the "people" of the resume writing profession. Most of the articles in other resume writing newsletters are written "editorial style," by experts. We want to be the "Living Section" of resume writers. In future issues, you'll see pictures of people -- ordinary and extraordinary -- serving resume clients in the U.S. and abroad.

In the September/October issue, we'll explore what it's like to be a resume writer in exotic and isolated places ... as well as in large and small towns across the country. You'll meet some of the most well-known resume writers ... and some you've never heard from before.

Add Us To What You're Already Doing
We're not a substitute for continuing education or association memberships (in fact, you'll find information about joining the Professional Association of Resume Writers, the National Resume Writers' Association, or the Association of Business Support Services International) on page 8.

Coming Soon...
Later this summer, we'll be launching our website, providing you with online links, archives of articles and interviews, and more information than we can cover in an eight-page, bimonthly newsletter.

Give Us a Try
If you like what you have to offer, subscribe.

Some things have changed over time, but we remain committed to our mission statement:
"Resume Writers' Digest ... (helps) resume writers keep on top of changes in the human resources field, new developments in technology, and trends in the resume writing field. Each issue provides information about what successful resume writers across the nation and around the world are doing, along with concise, timely information culled from a review of select periodicals."

Here's to the NEXT 10 years of Resume Writers' Digest!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Issue of Resume Writers' Digest

The Summer 2009 issue of Resume Writers' Digest is now out!

The 12-page issue offers a cover story on coming up with better questions to ask your clients to yield better resumes. (Based on the results of the "10 Questions" survey, it will be added to the "Write Great Resumes Faster" special report as well.)

Inside: Wendy Enelow reacts to the results of the 2008 Resume Writers' Digest Industry Survey and shares her comments and thoughts.

Also in this issue: Producing Error-Free Resumes for Clients (results of an Accountemps survey), and Jane Roqueplot wrote a nice piece on "Enhance Your Writing With Style Analysis."

Also, check out columnist Robert Middleton's Action Plan Marketing column in this issue on "Getting the Most Out of a Professional Conference." There are still two major conferences left this year (NRWA and CDI), so if you're planning on attending either (or both!), this is a must-read.

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Issue of Resume Writers Digest

It's ready! The first issue of Resume Writers' Digest published since June of 2005.

If you have already signed up for the double opt-in mailing list (using the form at the top right-hand corner of this blog), you'll receive your issue tomorrow (Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2007).

In this issue:
• Knowing Just the Right Thing to Say: Using Keywords Correctly in Resumes (Cover Story)
• Top 30 Keywords Recruiters Use
• Never Lend (and Lose!) A Book Again -- Plus, Make Money at the Same Time
• Calendar of Events
• Position, Rate, and Elevate The Resumes You Write
• The Publicity Hound: Let Bloggers Create Publicity For You
• Program Offers Opportunity to Help Clients "Get Hired Now!"
• Overview of the "Get Hired Now!" System
• "The Back Page" -- a new feature with excerpts from this blog

Friday, September 7, 2007

Resume Writers' Digest is Back!

We're back, and it's FREE*!

Subscribe today to my mailing list and you'll receive the September/October issue when it's released next Monday, Sept. 10. If you were a subscriber before (the newsletter was published bimonthly from July 1999 through May 2005), you know that you can expect informative articles designed to help you improve your writing skills and manage your careers business more effectively!

* Starting with the November/December issue, you will only be able to receive the newsletter for free online if you are part of the Resume Writers' Digest mailing list, so sign up today. Use the form in the upper right-hand corner of this page to opt into the list. It's a double opt-in process (you will get an e-mail confirming you want to join the mailing list), so be sure to sign up and confirm your subscription before Monday.

As a resume writer myself, I started the newsletter in July 1999 to get the answers to questions I had about pricing, collections, writing strategies, client management, and more. I'm still writing resumes, and I still have questions. So I brought the newsletter back! (More on this in my "From the Editor" column on page 2 of the issue. You'll have to wait until Monday to read that, though.)

Help us spread the word about the return of Resume Writers' Digest! Send an e-mail to your colleagues. Post the link on discussion groups and message boards for the careers industry. Tell your friends who may be considering getting into the resume writing industry. The more subscribers we have, the better the content will be. And be sure to support our advertisers, and purchase our books and special reports -- your support will ensure Resume Writers' Digest is even better than before!

Story ideas? Questions? E-mail me at

And check back frequently on this blog, as it's regularly updated with current events, insightful ideas, guest articles, interviews, and more.