Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I came across this cryptic acronym on a resume recently, and wondered if I was missing out on a new trend. I'm still not sure, but thought I'd put this out there and see if someone else knows if this is "new" protocol.

Generally, if someone is enrolled in college but hasn't graduated yet, I'll choose one of these options:
  • Pursuing bachelor's degree in business (YEAR-YEAR) or
  • Bachelor's degree in business (anticipated YEAR).
But I recently saw an educational credential listed as:
Bachelor's degree in business (ADG YEAR).

That confused me. What is "ADG"? I finally figured it out: "Anticipated Date of Graduation."

I just don't see this one catching on. I mean, couldn't it also be "ADC" -- for "Anticipated Date of Completion"? And if I have this much trouble figuring out what "ADG" stands for, won't hiring managers?

What do you think? Will "ADG" catch on? Or should I still be using "anticipated YEAR"?

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