Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Free Services

I found an old article I had clipped from Business 2.0 magazine fron October 2006 that has some interesting applications for resume writers. I'm not sure how to apply it yet, but I thought I'd put it out there anyway.

The article is "Business Models: Why It Pays to Give Away the Store."

"Once upon a time, in the bad old days of business, giving away a product without charge was unheard of. Sure, Estee Lauder gave samples to celebrities and Gillette sold its razors cheap and made money on the blades But free didn't become a serious option until the Internet gave us low-cost online distribution.

The strategy has become so common that venture capitalists have coined a term for it: freemium. The lucrative flipping of the companies behind Blogger, Flickr, MySpace, and Skype -- all of them free services that offer a premium component -- has led to hundreds of imitators."

How can resume writers take advantage of this? By offering a free resume review and tips. There are even websites offering free resume samples that are funded by advertising revenue.

Career coaches can offer a 15-minute free consultation, or free podcasts.

What are your ideas?

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