Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Using Your Client List

If your appointment book isn't full, the first place to turn to is your existing client mailing list.

Here are some tips for how to use your client list to generate repeat business as well as stimulate new clients.

• Find New Customers Like Your Best Customers. Look at your mailing list and analyze our customers. Are you doing a lot of business with 35- to 45-year-old women who are looking for MORE out of their careers? Think about how you can reach these women and you'll tap a whole new group of prospects.

• Do More Of What You Do Best. Look at your last 50 projects -- what kind of work were you doing for these clients? You might find that there's an opportunity to target a niche of prospects. For example, if you did a handful of follow-up letters for these clients, you might decide to contact ALL of those past clients and offer them a special on follow-up letters.

• Get Feedback. "Out of sight" is out of mind in business too. Contact customers to ask how their job search is going. You can write a letter or send a survey. These types of contacts help keep you top of mind and bring customers back (and generate referrals!)

• Offer an Annual Check-up. Your dentist does it ... so does your car repair shop. Contact your customers at least once a year to offer a resume "tune-up" so that they're prepared if the perfect opportunity comes around ... or the unthinkable happens, and they lose their job unexpectedly.

• Reactivate Inactive Customers. If someone hasn't done business with you in a while, send the person a special offer. It reminds them of your business and may help spark a renewed business relationship -- or a referral.

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