Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Get Ready for International Update Your Resume Month

I received the following email from Susan Geary on the Career Directors International e-mail list. Now is the perfect time to send out your news release tied to International Update Your Resume Month (September)!

    It's hard to believe that Update Your Resume Month turns 10 next month! Now is the perfect time to hit up radio, TV, and newspapers to get the word out and get some free publicity for your business. I have found that the best day to book appearances (especially if it's your first time) is on the Sunday before Labor Day. Producers are hungry for guests because it's one of the slowest weekends of the entire year for TV news outlets. It seems everyone is on vacation and good guests are hard to find. For us, it's the start of our busy season again! So find 5 new trends or changes you can talk about, send an email to the producers and editors, and follow up. Make sure to tell them something they don't know about if you want to pique their interest. (what occupations are currently trending, or how long is it taking for the average job seeker to land work, or how to use LinkedIn in a job search w/o tipping off a current employer.) Remember, this isn't a sales pitch for your business. It's a reminder to everyone, how a bad resume hinders an effective job search. Best to you, Susan Geary 1st Rate Resumes

Career Directors International provides resources to members to help them promote this event and get exposure for their business!


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