Monday, January 16, 2012

When You Might Want to Relocate Your Resume Writing Business

That's Jon digging out after a snowstorm.

My husband, Jon, and I talk a lot about moving. Mostly when we've had a massive snowfall here in Nebraska, where I live. A couple of winters ago, we had so much snow that we had a snowdrift that obscured our house (as viewed from our street) for more than a month. It was hard not to think about moving somewhere warm on a day like that.

This winter has been better. Today, in fact, it's in the 30s. Yesterday it was in the 50s, and tonight we're expecting snow. That's par for the course in January in Nebraska. Hopefully it will be a dusting. But the big snow is coming. It always does.

But weather might not be the only reason you would consider relocating your career services business.
Finances is another major one. You might have considered relocating your business in an effort to ease the financial burden. But, if you are established in an area, why would you consider this? Here are a few reasons.

Why Relocate?

• Growth -- The object of your career services business is not just to help clients, but also support yourself. Your current location may not offer your resume writing business the opportunities to do that if you work with a primarily in-person clientele, and the folks in your area can't afford your services, for example.

• Cost -- This one affects resume writers with both commercial office space as well as those who work from home. It's a fact that different areas of the country have different costs of living. If you work virtually with clients, living in an area of the country with a lower cost of living can make a huge difference in your profitability. Your revenues may be the same, but if your expenses are half of what they would be in a higher cost-of-living area, you can be pocketing a lot more of the money.

Poor market -- Maybe your resume writing business just isn't doing well in its current location. The market for your business may have dried up due to economic changes. In order to survive, you may have to consider moving to an area with richer resources. (Again, this is more likely to be the case if you work with clients in person, or if you do a lot of speaking/networking in your local community.)

Lifestyle changes -- No one lives in a bubble. Sometimes personal issues make it necessary to make a change in your personal location ... and consequently, your business location. Last year, Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter moved from Kansas to Texas so she and her husband could indulge in their love of sailing. (The better weather didn't help either -- right, Jacqui?)

Amenities -- If you have an inner city office for your resume writing business, you already know that space is at a premium and an expensive one at that. A chance to grow larger may mean finding a larger office space that wonít break the bank. Areas outside your current city can offer relaxing scenery, open work environments for employees, better parking for customers and delivery people, as well as options for expanding again without moving this time.

Relocation may not be something you've contemplated for your resume writing business, but sometimes it is a viable option. The reasons above are just a few that could lead you to a new venue... or at least get you started thinking about it!

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