Monday, April 28, 2014

Checklist for Marketing Your Resume Writing Business

This month's special report for focuses on "Attracting Your Ideal Resume Client." Once you've identified who that target client is, you should conduct a marketing campaign to help you reach your ideal services. To help you plan the campaign, answer the following questions about your resume writing business and the services you provide:
  • Have you analyzed the market for your service? Do you know which features of your service will appeal to different market segments? 
  • In forming your marketing message, have you described how your service will benefit your clients? 
  • Have you prepared a pricing schedule? What kinds of discounts will you offer (if any), and to whom will you offer them? 
  • Have you prepared a sales forecast? (In other words, how many clients will you serve times how much you’ll charge per client = your annual sales revenue, or sales forecast) 
  • Have you planned any sales promotions? 
  • Have you planned a publicity campaign? 
  • Do your marketing materials mention any added services that clients might want to purchase? 
  • Is your brand likely to appeal to your target market? 


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