Sunday, December 28, 2014

Write Great Resumes Faster By Mastering Microsoft Word

I was talking with a resume writer recently who uses a software package to write her resumes. But one of the best things you can do to learn how to "Write Great Resumes Faster" is to become a master of Microsoft Word.

Learning how to use Microsoft Word more efficiently can help you complete routine functions faster. Learning how to use Word's "Style" function can simplify the formatting process. Learning how to use "track changes" can speed up the client approval process. Even something as simple as changing the default font when you open a new Word document can save you time -- time that adds up in every resume you write.

One "power" Word tip is to create a couple of "standardized" formats and layouts. Develop five or six formats you can use to guide your resume development. Starting a resume from a "template" (and by that, I mean a template YOU design, not one of the standard Microsoft Word resume templates) will help you structure your document creation because you're not starting entirely from a blank page. Think of them as "structured outlines" instead of templates.

Even if you've been using Word for more than 20 years like I have, you can always learn new tricks. Look for Microsoft Word training online. There are lots of free and paid courses on Udemy. Look for ones with good reviews and a healthy number (50+) of students who have taken the course. You can even look for free YouTube video trainings.

Looking for more ways to improve your speed and increase the effectiveness of the resumes you write? Check out "Write Great Resumes Faster."

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