Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ready to Create Your First PRODUCT as a Resume Writer?

I talk with a lot of resume writers who want to create products to supplement their resume writing services. (Instead of trading time for dollars, you can create a product that will help you earn passive income even when you're not working.)

But it can feel overwhelming to get started on the process. You may think it will take months and hundreds of dollars to put together a comprehensive information product. Even then, you’re not guaranteed to make lots of sales.

Instead of trying to launch your first product the hard way, do it the easy way. Start by releasing a short report and see if your audience gobbles it up. If they do, then you know you’ve got a sure-fire winner that you can expand on later.

But it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the whole process. That’s why you need Rapid Report Club, a three month e-course where you’ll learn everything you need to launch your own reports. It’s a group coaching program designed by Kelly McCausey, a well-known and respected business coach. When you follow Kelly’s plan, you’ll have 3 reports written in just 90 days.

Details of the program:

Besides group coaching from Kelly, here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for the program:
  • A fresh, new opt-in report for your mailing list
  • Advice on how to price your reports so they sell
  • The knowledge you need to publish a report on Amazon Kindle
  • Accountability from the group
  • Easy tips that will help you write your reports quickly 

If you’re serious about establishing yourself as an expert and creating your reports, then reserve your spot in Rapid Report Club today!

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