Monday, January 18, 2016

Collecting Client Testimonials for Your Resume Writing Business

Testimonials on your resume business website serve an important function for prospective customers. But what should be included in them, and how do you persuade customers to provide them?

A great testimonial includes the following elements:

  • The specific services you provided to the client
  • The specific results he/she realized after working with you
  • Whether or not he/she would recommend you to others
  • The client name (first and last name is best; first name and last initial is acceptable)
  • Client location (city/state)
  • Photo of the client, if he/she has one and is agreeable to posting it

Here's a template you can use to ask clients for a testimonial:

Dear (client):

Thank you again for the opportunity to work with you on your job search. I am happy you got the job!

I would appreciate the opportunity to post your results on my testimonials page. Would you be willing to write a few lines telling prospective clients how my services helped you in your job search? I would be most grateful.

Thank you!

Your Name

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