Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What's Wrong With Your Business? It Could Be Your Mindset

Every entrepreneur needs the right kind of mindset to grow their business. From how much you earn -- to how great your customer service is -- your mindset supports and guides almost every part of your business.


This is especially true for resume writers, since we're working with jobseekers who often have "mindset issues" of their own.

To check into how your business may be influenced by your mindset right now, ask yourself these questions.

Does Your Mindset Lead From Confidence?
When you’re about to take on a new resume client or start a LinkedIn project, what do you normally think? Are you already planning for worst case scenario with thoughts like, “Her job history has some real issues. I don't know that I can write this resume in such a way to get a hiring manager to call her in for interviews."

If that sounds like your normal thought process, you have a mindset lacking in confidence. What if you could change your thoughts? Flip it around, decide to be positive, “This client has a story that hasn't yet been told. I'm going to create an interview-winning resume for her that is going to surprise hiring managers."

It’s easy to say "be positive," isn’t it? It’s much more complex to start doing it.

Does Your Mindset Support Pushing The Limits?
A big part of growing your resume writing business is regularly stretching. When the opportunity to challenge your limits and do something outside of your comfort zone comes, do you say things like, “I can’t do live video streaming. I don’t have the personality for it." Or "I’d love to host a webinar on this topic, but I’m not techy enough.”

It’s true that you don’t have to participate in every new business trend that pops up. But if you let your doubts keep you from doing anything challenging, you’re going to miss out on the fun of discovering something new.

What if instead of listing all the reasons you can’t do something new, you said things like, “I’ll try video streaming three times. After the third video, I’ll evaluate my interest." Or "I’d love to host a webinar -- and since I don’t have enough technical expertise, I’ll hire a virtual assistant to support me.”

Does Your Mindset Demand Work You Love?
You may not realize it but your mindset plays a big role in the projects you accept and the clients you work with. When you see projects from your clients, what are your first thoughts? Do you feel disappointed and think, "Ugh. I wish I had quoted this client a higher price. This project is going to be a pain. I'll end up making minimum wage with the amount of time I'm going to spend on this sucker."

It’s true that sometimes, service providers take on projects and clients because they need the money. But if you dread seeing certain clients’ names in your inbox, this is no way to make a living.

Deep down, your heart longs to do work in support of projects you’re excited about. Imagine seeing a new project come in from a client and thinking, “Oh, wow. I can’t wait to get started on this! I love this type of project. It really lets me show off my skills.”

Does Your Mindset Overcome Obstacles?
An obstacle can either be the worst thing that ever happened to your business -- or it can be the best thing that ever happened to your business. It depends on your mindset. When you encounter an obstacle, you may think, “Well, this is it. I’ve gone as far as I can go. I’ll never be able to overcome this problem. I guess, it wasn’t meant to be.”

But that kind of thinking comes from a "I’m a victim to circumstances" mindset that obstacles cannot be defeated. The mindset to cultivate instead is "I’m an overcomer!" It allows you to acknowledge obstacles while knowing that they can be beaten. You might think, “This setback may slow me down, but I’ll find a way around it and come back stronger than ever.”

What Successful Business Owners Know About Mindset
Successful resume business owners know that mindset is the key to unlocking their potential and earning more than they ever thought possible. Most importantly, they know they can mold and shape their mindset.

As you improve your way of thinking, you’ll make subtle adjustments in your life and business. You’ll have the confidence to say “no” to clients and projects that aren’t a good fit -- and embrace the ones that are. You’ll make decisions that are in line with who you want to be and what you want your brand to represent. You’ll become the best version of yourself.

Watch for more blog posts about improving your mindset.

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