Monday, January 16, 2023

A Resume Writer’s Guide to Printables


What are printables? And how can they benefit YOU and YOUR JOBSEEKING CLIENTS?

Printables are things designed for the purpose of downloading and printing, such as: worksheets, checklists, to-do lists, trackers, planners, journals, guides, and calendars. Outside of the career industry, printables can also include color pages, art projects, patterns or designs.

Printables come in all shapes and sizes and have a wide variety of uses. For jobseekers, they can help them organize their job search, track their job search activities and make quick work of completing tasks, and collect and synthesize information. For resume writers, they can be used to grow your email list, turn prospects into paying customers, help your clients prepare for and execute their job search, and provide passive income revenue.

Printables can be a single page document or contain several pages (like with workbooks and accomplishment trackers). They are detailed and to the point, generally having a very specific purpose. Printables can be anything from a checklist to an instructional guide. They are a great way to help your clients AND you, without a lot of extra effort.

As mentioned, printables can benefit you as a resume writer by:

  • Increasing Subscriber Sign-ups. Creating printables to serve as a lead magnet to increase interest and boost subscriber sign-ups.
  • Boost Perceived Value. Adding printables to your existing 1:1 career services, courses, and coaching programs can instantly boost the perceived value of the product. People want answers to their questions, but they also want to reach their desired result quickly and easily. If printables help them achieve that goal, they will consider them to be highly valuable, allowing the resume writer to charge more for their services, product, program, or course.
  • Gain More Social Proof. When high-quality information is provided, along with the tools to help readers implement what they've learned, it creates loyal customers. These loyal customers share their results with others. They provide high-value testimonials and fodder for future case studies … which, in turn, brings in more new clients.

For list-building, a person looking for interview preparation questions may find a guide with a list of interview question prompts. However, if the seller includes a printable journal to write out key points for answering the question prompts, it adds to the value of the product and provides a bigger benefit for the buyer.

Printable Objectives

Each printable you crease should have an objective. Some common objectives are to:

  • Help a person take action on what they are learning.
  • Challenge oneself — for example, when setting goals for the job search.
  • Track data or calculate math. Think interview tracking worksheets or salary negotiation spreadsheets.
  • Develop a strategy for accomplishing a goal.
  • Brainstorm an idea and bring it into existence.
  • Plan out something (like a job search or recruiter connection strategy) in more detail.
  • Plan quarterly or annually with things like planners and calendars.
  • Organize information (such as job applications).
  • Organize thoughts and ideas (such as rough drafting interview questions, as mentioned above).
  • Compare and evaluate two or more things (like job offers).
  • Walk a user through the process of solving a problem. (“Is it time to quit your job?”)
  • Repurpose or reuse something, such as content, graphics, audio, and video. (For example, a guide to accompany your LinkedIn training course.)
  • Manage processes or projects.
  • To document your day, week, or month through journaling (i.e., an accomplishments tracker)
  • Do something relaxing to take your mind off something (like a coloring sheet to relieve the stress of a job search)

Creating Printables

You can certainly create your own printables. One of the best ways to get started is to look at the existing Pass-Along Materials you have access to. But there’s a NEW way to get started with printables — Tools For Resume Writers.

A new addition to the existing Bronze member benefits of BeAResumeWriter, Tools For Resume Writers gives you access to customizable Canva templates that you can brand with your own fonts, colors, logo, etc. 

There are currently three printables available to customize:

  • S.T.A.R. Worksheet (How to Create Compelling Career Stories)
  • Invest In Your Career
  • LinkedIn Industry List

The Tools For Resume Writers customizable Canva templates are included with Bronze membership in

How to Deliver Printables

Printables can be delivered in one of two formats — digital downloads and print documents. For digital downloads, use PDFs whenever possible to make delivery easy. You can sell your downloads on your own website using a digital download service (like or SendOwl). These services will allow you to create seller links you can post on your website and use to deliver the download after the sale. You can also use third-party marketplaces, like Etsy or Amazon to sell your print products.

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