Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tips for Home-Based Resume Writers

Home-based resume writers face special challenges, including establishing credibility with prospective clients, managing their time, balancing work and personal responsibilities, and overcoming isolation issues.

Tips for home-based resume writers include:
  • Being a professional and looking like a professional begins with one simple factor -- how we think. What you convey to your client will be perceived.
  • Create an effective working environment. Acquire a comfortable desk and chair and make sure your room decor and background music are what you need to feel at peace during the day.
  • Use technology to bolster your image. Services like ICS (Incoming Call Solutions) offered by, TelCan, and Big Planet offer phone solutions such as "follow me" call forwarding, accepting faxes by email, etc.
  • Create a social network. In addition to resume writing and career development affiliations, consider SCORE, Chamber of Commerce membership, and

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