Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So You Want to Be a Subcontract Resume Writer

Although Diana LeGere and I first published the "Making Money as a Resume Subcontractor" report in October of last year, I've been working constantly to update it with new listings (it now features more than 25 separate individuals or firms that hire subcontract resume writers).

Earlier this week, I added a new listing from a resume writer who had an immediate need for writers, so I told her I'd help spread the word. I sent out an e-mail to the previous buyers of the MMRS report plus culled a list of about 200 CPRWs from my database of more than 3800 resume writers and career coaches. I also sent the information in my e-mail yesterday with a reminder about the availability of the July/August issue of Resume Writers' Digest.

Although I mentioned in my e-mail to non-purchasers that this was for a colleague, I was amazed that some of the responses I received were directed towards me as the "hiring manager." Another contacted the resume writer, asking for general information, although I had included all of this information in the e-mail I sent to [him/her].

Such little things can make the difference for individuals looking to hire subcontractors -- as they can for our clients, who don't pay attention to the details. If the job posting says "No phone calls" and the client calls anyway ... they're not seen as "persistent" -- they're seen as "non-compliant." And they're out of the running.

In the "Making Money as a Resume Subcontractor" report, I've gone to great lengths to outline exactly what the hiring resume writers or firms are looking for from prospective contractors. Follow their instructions exactly -- although you should feel free to also include your own resume and cover letter/letter of introduction (samples of which are provided in the MMRS report).

On the other hand, I did see some excellent "statement of qualifications" e-mails from the individuals who approached me (thinking I was the one looking for subcontractors). I hope they take the time to follow-up with the colleague who actually is looking to hire.

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