Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finding Your Writing Voice as a Resume Writer

"Creative work, critical thinking, and courage is the 'Magic Formula for Writing,'" according to nationally-recognized writing consultant Chip Scanlan of the Poynter Institute.

All writers have to have a philosophy to guide their writing -- a "way of looking at your work and way of doing your work," he says.

The perspective that a writer has on a subject is the writer's "voice." Voice is made up of perspective and tone. It's a personal and honest expression that reveals the writer's background and personality.

Where does the resume writer's voice fit in when writing a client's resume?

Without voice, a resume is incomplete.

"Voice illuminates fact," Scanlan says. "It attracts and holds readers. It is tuned to the purpose of its message and the ear of the reader."

A resume without voice is a fact sheet. Voice brings a storytelling quality, incorporating what you bring to the story without getting in the way.

"Voice is the music to your words that is distinctly your own. (It's) the rhythm the world hears when they read it," Scanlan adds.

This is the first in a four-part series. Next post: Strengthening Your Voice.

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