Saturday, October 1, 2011

Summer Issue of Resume Writers' Digest

The Summer 2011 issue of Resume Writers' Digest is now online -- and the theme is "Disaster Planning." After witnessing the destruction of tornadoes (Tuscaloosa, Joplin), hurricanes (Irene, anyone?), earthquakes (East Coast, really?) and flooding (right here in my hometown, Omaha) ... I was inspired to devote the theme of this issue to disaster preparedness.

Realistically, however, the biggest "disaster" that we will likely face as resume writers is health-related. Self-employed resume writers are more likely to face a loss of income -- and maybe our business -- from a health crisis than from a natural disaster. If you're paying for your own health insurance, you'll want to read our story on "Choosing an Insurance Plan."

You'll also want to read "Do You Have Enough Insurance Coverage?" and assess whether your business needs additional insurance protection.

Probably all of us have lost data -- whether from a hard drive failure, electrical power surge, corrupted CD, or other technological failure. Another article in the issue focuses on "Backup Systems and Disaster Recovery" -- providing tools to prevent your data from being lost forever.

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