Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Should Be In Your Media Kit?

Your media kit (sometimes called a “press kit”) may include:
  • An advance news release. This is used to announce a time-oriented event or activity, such as announcing a seminar you are sponsoring. 
  • A backgrounder. This document provides detailed or in-depth information about an issue, a product or service, or your business. 
– For example: You reach a significant anniversary — this news release provides the history of the business up to this point. 

– Or: You issue a quarterly or annual report about local economic or labor conditions to coincide with national employment projections. 

  • Feature news releases. These news releases often result in “profiles” in the local media. Take a key topic and provide your perspective. 
– “Unemployment numbers are misleading,” resume writer says. Then explain why you believe this is so, backing up your opinion with facts. 
  • The follow-up. Sent out after an event to report results. 
— If you had a contest for “the worst resume ever,” issue a news release that you’ve selected a “winner” and include a copy of the winning entry and also the made-over resume.
  • Your picture. Get a professional head-and-shoulders photo of yourself taken. 
  • Information about you. Your brochure or a written description of your current business, the services you offer, and your biography (or your resume or vitae). 
  • History of business. How you got to be where you are — when you started, what you’ve accomplished, how it’s changed. 
  • Previous media coverage. Reprints of articles about you that have appeared in other publications. Remember, publicity begets publicity.
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