Friday, December 23, 2011

One Word for 2012

Mari Smith gave me a great idea -- every year, she chooses one word that is her "theme" for the year. For 2011, her word was "Commitment." For 2012, her word is "Growth."

I am going to take her idea and choose my own word for 2012. The word that kept coming back to me is "Abundance." I'm reading a great book, "Today We Are Rich," by Tim Sanders. It's the story of how having confidence can lead to success. The "Rich" in the title doesn't refer to money. And in my theme, "Abundance" doesn't refer only to money ... but also to a richness of faith, gratitude, and joy.

The last few years have been tough for my family, but things are definitely turning around. I am looking forward to 2012. It's my goal to help resume writers bring more abundance into their resume business. It starts with the launch of "Career Membership Sites Made Easy." I'm going to be leading and coaching about 30 resume writers to bring passive income and recurring revenue into their business in 2012.

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