Friday, December 2, 2011

Developing a Membership Site (Part 5 of 5)

This is the fifth in a five-part series on developing a membership site for your careers industry business.

In yesterday's post, I pointed how that there’s a truckload of profits waiting for you on the back-end of your site. That is, you can make extra money by offering more products and even more expensive complimentary products to your members. Today's blog post is about creating a family of membership sites.

As mentioned yesterday, one option for additional revenue is to be an affiliate for related products and services. The better option is to create these products yourself. That way, you keep 100% of your profits.

I mentioned one of these ideas already:
You might suggest your "CFO Success Strategy" members also enroll in your "30 Days to Your New Job" membership site for daily motivation in reaching their career goals.

While you’re planning your first membership site, you should also simultaneously plan what complimentary products you’ll sell on the back-end. And one way to make money on the back-end is by creating a family of related membership sites and linking them together.

Tip: The advantage of creating a family of sites goes beyond merely having something to sell on the back-end. A family of sites also helps you develop your brand and grow your brand recognition. And that means more sales, more customers, and more profits. 

Now let me give you a few examples of how you can create a family of membership sites around your resume business.
  • You can create a membership site around a specific service offering -- for example, an eight-week program on "Getting Started Using LinkedIn In Your Job Search."
  • A general job seeker support membership program is a "30 Days to Your Next Job" program, offering daily motivation and specific ideas.
  • A 12-week program outlining 12 specific tools for the job search -- identifying websites and online tools that are useful for jobseekers.
  • A yearlong membership program, "One Year To Your New Career."

When you’re building your first career membership site, ask yourself: What ELSE do my customers want?

Do your market research to find out what other products they’re currently buying. Then create a family of sites around related topics. It’s the quick and easy way to tap into the back-end profits… on autopilot!
If you've found this series of articles interesting, check out Career Membership Sites Made Easy, a new system that shows you how to create and launch your own fixed-term membership site in under 48 hours.

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