Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Can Predict Which Blog Posts You'll Want To Read

As a blogger, sometimes it's a surprise to you which of your content becomes the most popular. By popular you mean the most shared via social media methods, the most talked about on other blogs or forums, and the most read and commented on. (One of the things I like about using Blogger as my blog platform is that I can see my post analytics — how many people viewed a particular post, and which of my posts are most popular.)

But wouldn't it be nice to have some knowledge beforehand as to what makes content popular so you can write future blog posts with the goal of getting lots of interaction and shares?

It's possible! Here are some of the blog posts that will get you the most engagement!

  • Anything with a number in the title draws readers like moths to a flame. People like to be given privileged information, insights into mistakes they might be making, and actionable steps, which is what numbers in the title signify. 
  • "List posts" such as a "top 10 list" are still going strong. Information in list form or bullet form is easier to digest and easier for many to take action on, thus making it attractive to readers.
  • Sharing financial information. Who doesn't want to know what other people make? Sharing information about how jobseekers can make more money is ALWAYS going to get read.
  • Giving away something valuable almost instantly qualifies that content to become a favorite. Readers appreciate that you can relate to their problems and offer you free tools or solutions.
  • Share your favorite tools. Why? Because it's valuable information your readers can take and use immediately. Plus, your readers will give feedback on their own favorite tools, thus making the content even better.
  • Give insight into your personal results. Reveal what others most want to know. Here you let the reader in on your business goals, case studies, and actual client results of their job search.
  • Before-and-after case studies. Speaking of case studies, careers industry clients want to see before-and-after examples of resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, etc.
  • Resource lists are another type of content that readers like, especially if you are an expert in your field or considered successful in what you do. Readers respond favorably to hearing about the resources you've used to help you become successful.

When you can deliver industry-breaking news (like the recent decision by The Ladders to discontinue their resume writing services -- and why this is GOOD NEWS for jobseekers) your content will see more traffic and get shared quite a bit. Obviously the trick is to be quick on breaking news, and if you're not one of the first to report it, at least add a unique angle to what you offer it up.

While you don't have to write your content to win a popularity contest, why wouldn't you want to gear it towards what your readers like? It's not about winning a contest, but connecting with your readers, growing trust, and mutually beneficial relationships, and gathering new readers into your fold.

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