Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Easiest Way to Start A Resume Writing Business Blog

Blogging is gaining new popularity as a way to attract new resume writing clients -- but many resume writers are intimidated by how to get started with blogging. While WordPress is popular as a blog platform (and website builder), Blogger is probably the easiest way to get started with a resume writing business blog. (It's the platform that I use for this blog, so I'm a bit biased.)

Yesterday, I wrote about predicting which blog posts you write will be most popular. But I haven't talked about the "how tos" of blogging.

It is very easy to set up a Blogger blog. Simply go to and enter in some basic information. Blogger has quite a few different themes to choose from, and you can further customize your blog by choosing the colors and fonts.

Blogger makes it very simple to add page elements to your site, such as Google Adsense (to make money from ads on your blog) and other items.

If you want to further customize your blog, Blogger allows you to change your template by editing the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) of your blog. But beware: This is not for the faint of heart! You need to have some technical knowledge to do this without screwing up your blog template.

You can host your blog for free by using Blogger. Your blog's URL will have "blogspot" in it, for example, my blog URL is

You can host your blog on your own web host by changing the ftp settings in your blog. This will allow you to customize your domain, such as

Another option is to switch to a custom domain. If you have registered a URL, you can go to the "publishing" section of your blog's settings and enter the domain. When someone goes to that domain, they will be directed to your blog.

Blogger will also allow you to write your posts in advance and set them up as drafts. When you are ready to publish them, you simply press a button and your post is on the web.

Inserting pictures and links in your blog posts is also very simple using Blogger's editor. Blogger's comment section allows you to control who can post comments and whether or not they can add links to your blog.

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