Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why Resume Writers Need an Email List

Recently on several of the resume writing association E-Lists, there have been numerous resume writers talking about being in a business drought. Several colleagues have said that July and August have been their slowest months in years.

I have a solution for resume writers who want to dip into a well of prospects and clients and generate a flood of new projects and referrals: Like author Harvey Mackey says, "Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty" … and create an email list.

I've been talking about the value of an email list for years now. It's a must-have for resume writers who want to sell information products, recruit participants to online programs (teleseminars and webinars), and sign clients up for fixed-term membership programs. And you don't need a huge list — even 100 subscribers can generate a trickle of revenue … and that will just continue to grow as your list grows.

Why You Need an Email List 
According to, an email list is "... a special usage of email that allows for widespread distribution of information to many Internet users..." Pay attention to the words "special usage" because that is important. 

This special usage requires three things from you, namely:
  • Special Software 
  • Knowledge of Laws 
  • Something to Share 

The software can be an online system such as AWeber or Constant Contact — two very inexpensive, easy-to-use options. The laws you need to know about are primarily the CAN-SPAM Act. And the "something to share" is best known as the sign-up incentive — something you give to your site visitor in exchange for his or her email address and permission to contact them.

But this blog post is about why you need an email list. The definition also gives you a clue into that aspect of an email list. It answers the why by telling you that an email list is for "...widespread distribution of information to many... ". This means that it's a super simple way to get out your information to the masses. Your information being the information you want to give your target audience about your business products and services. 

So the short answer to why you need an email list is obvious: In order to distribute information about your business to many people. It's a simple way to do it with the right software. Online software enables you to set up simple sign up forms on your website, blog, or even Facebook page so that people can enter their email address, giving you permission to send them information about your business products and services.

The software immediately sends a thank you email, with confirmation process so that you know for sure you really have permission from the person. This is called "double opt-in." This is required because it ensures that the right person really did enter the right email address and really did mean to receive the information. This process prevents you of being accused of sending out spam to people, and ensures that you get people on your list who really want to be on it. After all, you really only want to market to the right people.

The software also enables the person who signed up to easily unsubscribe with a simple click. This unsubscribe information appears automatically in every email that you send from the system. (This is a requirement of the CAN-SPAM Act.) This makes the entire process super efficient. In some cases the software will also clear out bounced email addresses and you can manually clean out email addresses which have not opened email for a specific amount of time. The software makes the entire process simple, giving you no excuse not to have an email list.

With a properly set up email list you will be able to regularly market your products and services to an audience who has given you permission, who wants what you have to offer, and who already trusts and likes you. You want this because most people need to see your offers at least 7 times before they decide to purchase. By having them on your email list, you increase your opportunity to make a sale many times over. You may have heard people say, "the money is in the list." Let me tell you, the money IS in the list. They're not joking.

No matter how big social media becomes, having that direct email address route is always going to be better. It's tried, true, and well tested. Every business now asks for your email address because they want to use one of the best marketing formats ever invented. Email. If you treat your subscribers right, and give them the regular information they asked for you'll create a lot of success via your email list. 

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