Saturday, September 14, 2013

How to Turn Resume Prospects Into Resume Clients

Yesterday, I published a brand-new short report, "Turn Browsers Into Buyers: How to Get Resume Clients to Buy Now."

As I was waking up this morning, I thought of a 25th strategy, which I have added as a second bonus in the report. (The report includes 23 strategies + 2 bonus strategies.)

Why is client conversion important? Because increasing your client conversion rate can have a dramatic impact on your income. If your average resume sale is $511 (the current average from the 2012 Resume Writers' Digest Annual Industry Survey), and your current conversion rate is 20% (that is, of every 10 prospects you talk to, 2 become clients = 20%) ... and you can double your conversion rate to 40% (that is, getting 4 clients out of 10 prospects to buy = 40%), that adds an additional $1000+ to your revenue.

Even if your average resume sale is $250, doubling your conversion rate from 20% to 40% generates $500 in additional sales!

Because of the wide variety of strategies in this short report, you'll find one (or several!) that will work for your specific situation. Most of these are no-cost or very inexpensive, and many of them are more powerful when they are combined with the other strategies in the report.

Here's an excerpt of the report -- it's the strategy I added today, but it will give you an example of how each strategy is presented — along with real-life examples that you can implement in your resume writing business -- whether it's to close more resume clients, sell more information products, generate memberships, increase attendance to live programs and events (online and offline), and even secure career coaching clients. 

25. Scarcity as a Reason to Book Today (BONUS)

If you’re busy (and close to — or fully booked), scarcity can be a client conversion technique. The scarcity can either be related to a limited number of client appointments you have available overall, or a limited number of appointments in order to meet a specific document delivery date (i.e., the client is seeking an internal promotion, and needs to turn in their resume by the end of the month).

Scarcity is also an excellent conversion strategy because busy resume writers are perceived to be more competent. If you say, “When do you want to start? I’m wide open,” that can actually be a deterrent to buying. But if you limit the choices, the scarcity may actually reassure the client of your competence while providing an incentive to book now, so as not to “miss out.”

·       “If there are any jobs that you want to apply for in the next few weeks, I’d encourage you to set up your appointment today so that we can get your new resume completed by the end of next week.”
·       “If you’re ready to get started, I can process your payment today and get you your customized worksheet by the end of the day tomorrow. I’ve only got one more opening this week, and I’m almost booked up for next week too. How would you like to pay — Mastercard or Visa?”
·       (As a career coach), “I only work with six clients at a time, and I currently have one opening. If you’d like to get started on reaching your career goals, we can start now. If you’re not ready to start yet, I may have to put you on a waiting list if I don’t have an opening when you’re ready to go.”
·       With information products, you can also implement the scarcity principal — even with things like ebooks. You can say, “Only 100 copies of this ebook will be sold, so act quickly.”
·       Scarcity also works for programs. You can limit attendance for your teleseminars, webinars, and in-person workshops and classes.

The 15-page short report is just $27. You can purchase it directly here.


  1. Good post and great suggestions! Thanks for sharing! By the way, check your post. Bridget, it looks as if you may have some code showing in the examples.

    I look forward to the next post. Much success!!

  2. Hey Weide!! This post is very useful for all of us. The CV we build should be perfect and the best which present the actual qualities and skills of an employee in an attractive way.