Monday, July 7, 2014

10 Headline Hacks for Client Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles

The most important part of the client resume and LinkedIn profile is usually the first thing readers see: the headline.

The headline immediately alerts readers if the rest of the content is what they’re looking for. The first line the reader sees should tell them instantly if what your jobseeking client has to offer is exactly what they are looking for in a candidate for the opening they have. You can accomplish this by using a strong headline and then following it with informational sub-headlines (in the LinkedIn Summary) or a qualifications summary or bullet points (on the resume).

The headline has to convince the reader to continue reading. You only have a few seconds to capture the reader’s interest and attention. And, on LinkedIn, you have limited space — your client’s headline can be a maximum of 120 characters. On the resume, you can use more space, but the best resume headlines are generally 5-10 words.

Stuck for how to get started writing the headline? Try these headline hacks (formulas) excerpted from this special report, "Writing Better Headlines For LinkedIn and Client Resumes":
  • [Job title] for [industry] at [company name] 
  • [Job title] specializing in [skills/keywords] 
  • [Job title] focusing on [job functions] 
  • [Job title] that gets [these results] 
  • [Adjective] [job title] With a Track Record of Success in [results] 
  • [Job title/keyword] who does [what] for [target audience] [+ PROOF] 
  • [Job title] + [differentiator] 
  • [Job title] + [target audience] + [industry/field] + [achievement/results] 
  • {This client} helps [target audience] [do or make what?] 
  • {Client’s biggest achievement} 

Want more strategies for creating reader- and SEO-friendly headlines? Check out the special report.

Writing Better Headlines For LinkedIn and Client Resumes

When you only have seconds to capture a reader's attention, the headline is especially important. This short report gives you the tools you need to write attention-getting, powerful headlines for client resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

The report covers:
• The one question every headline must answer
• Questions to ask before you start writing the headline
• Three specific strategies to write the headline
• More than a dozen headline formulas (a cheat sheet!)
• Tips for formatting your headlines
• The role of keywords and SEO strategies in headline writing
• A 10-point "Checklist for Assessing The Headline" 

Buy "Writing Better Headlines For LinkedIn and Client Resumes."

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