Monday, June 23, 2014

Why Do Employers Hire?

When writing resumes, it's important to keep in mind why employers hire.

In her book, "Resume Magic" (now in its 4th edition!) Susan Britton Whitcomb outlines the 12 "Employer Buying Motivators" -- really, the reason why employers need employees.

There are 12 specific needs that a company has. These include the company's desire to:

  • -       Make money
  • -       Save money
  • -       Save time
  • -       Make work easier
  • -       Solve a specific problem
  • -       Be more competitive
  • -       Build relationships / an image
  • -       Expand business
  • -       Attract new customers
  • -       Retain existing customers

Keep these 12 motivators in mind when writing the resume and target the client's accomplishments towards how they can help the employer meet these 12 objectives.

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