Monday, August 18, 2014

I Use the "5" Trick When I'm Stuck Writing a Resume

Ever get stuck when you're writing a resume? Psychology Today has published an article, "Want to Be Happier? It's as Easy as 2, 5, 11, 15, 20, 43" that may help you get un-stuck.

I use the "5" trick outlined in the article:

I actually read "This Year I Will" in February 2014, and I highly recommend it. Even though it's not a "careers" book, it's a great book to recommend to clients who are "stuck" in their current jobs. For example, Ryan suggests a strategy to help clients believe they can make a change. She suggests:

• Look at your past successes
• "Past performance is the best predictor of future success"
• Inventory your "islands of competence" (Steve Jobs)
• Write down 4-6 accomplishments and the strengths and skills you used
• These are your competencies

But the next time you're stuck writing a client's resume (or any other task you're procrastinating about), just tell yourself that you'll work on it for five minutes. I use the timer on my iPhone and I set it for 5 minutes. When it goes off, many times I'll keep working ... or set the timer for 5 more minutes. Even if I don't finish it, I'm a lot closer than when I started!

What are the tricks YOU use when you're stuck writing a client resume?

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  1. Great reminder Bridget. It is so easy to get tunnel vision and stay stuck in any project. By taking a quick step away and then using the 5 minute trick, I find myself getting past the "impossible."