Friday, October 24, 2014

Resume Writers: Want More Clients From LinkedIn?

You know that LinkedIn is an important website for your jobseeking clients … but are you taking full advantage of LinkedIn's power to connect you to prospective clients for your resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profile development services, and job search support offerings?

Check out this special report from
"14 Ways to Get More Clients From LinkedIn"

Tips include:

  1. Take full advantage of your public profile.
  2. Create a unique public profile vanity URL.
  3. Create a profile badge.
  4. Thank people for Recommendations.
  5. Create a Company Page.
  6. Maintain your LinkedIn account via mobile.
  7. Set up a Google Alert for yourself to monitor LinkedIn.
  8. Be choosy.
  9. Import all your offline and online business contacts into LinkedIn to create your social graph.
  10. Share your social graph with other social networks.
  11. Share your LinkedIn posts with Twitter.
  12. Whitelist LinkedIn in your email filters.
  13. Rearrange your Profile sections.
  14. Use LinkedIn – don't just be on it!
The guide includes step-by-step instructions for implementing many of the tips too. And it's free.

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