Friday, January 2, 2015

What's Your Word This Year?

Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading my blog posts. (I know you are, because I had a sudden spike in sales of my "Write Great Resumes Faster" book after mentioning it in this blog post last week!)

I started a new tradition last year … choosing a theme for the year. I called 2014 "The Year of the Product" because I wanted to focus on developing a new passive income stream -- a training program for resume writers interested in earning passive income through affiliate marketing. My words were: Create / Share / Action.

I did meet that goal, launching the Resume Writer's Affiliate Income Blueprint program, fulfilling my dream of creating a program that would help resume writers meet their income goals while they also served the needs of jobseekers.

For 2015, I took inspiration from Kelly McCausey and narrowed my focus for 2015 down to a single word. I was trying to figure out what my word was going to be … and it was starting to worry me that nothing was really coming to mind … and then my subconscious mind kicked in when I looked at my to-do list. Suddenly, my focus for 2015 was clear.

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You see, I have trouble finishing things. At any given time, my to-do list (the one I was just talking about), extends to more than a page. I have dozens of notes in Evernote with projects that I ended up dropping off my handwritten to-do lists.

I love writing resumes. I hate finalizing them. In an ideal world, I'd send the client the first drafts and someone else would handle all the minor changes and create the additional file formats.

I love coming up with ideas, outlining concepts, and even starting stuff. But I hate the middle and I really have a hard time with the end. (I'm only motivated by deadlines. And that's whether it's for a resume or each month's Bronze member resources on

So FINISH is my word for 2015. I've set a goal for one project that I've been working on for about 15 months now. I'm going to finish it by the end of this month. And then I'm going to choose something else to finish in February. And so on.

But before I *finish* this blog post, I want to ask you: What's YOUR word going to be this year? Post it in the Comments section below.

And I expect you to hold me accountable on my theme. Ask me how my projects are going!!!

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