Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I don't normally do posts like this, but I wanted to keep this information somewhere, and I thought you might be interested in this feedback too! (I recommend surveying your customers occasionally -- and this is a good question to ask!)

On the 2015 Resume Writers' Digest Annual Industry Survey, I ask this question:
"What can Resume Writers' Digest and provide you with that you're not getting anywhere else? Any other comments/feedback?"

Here were some of the responses:
  • "The wonderful client articles to share."
  • "I get so much more from BARW than any other association!"
  • "I like the pass-along materials and use them to create passive income in my business."
  • "Keep up the great work -- have LOVED everything you write and send out to us!"
  • "Developing a business model which is highly personalized and incorporates goals for establishing balance between work and real life. A holistic approach to creating a realistic work/life blend. Filtering out the noise and editing 'what to say no to.' My mind is an overachiever and has set me up for a good deal of stress; my heart (and my husband) just wants my personal time back!"
  • "I like the tools/templates you make available. I like having quality tools I can easily access and adapt to meet my needs despite a very busy schedule."
  • "You are doing an amazing job -- just keep doing what you are doing!"
  • "Focus on ideas for improved materials used in the industry."
  • "Forms for managing client workload -  i.e., a good "Tracking Form"
  • "Content if I ever set up a blog or newsletter to send out to potential clients."
  • "Takeaways are great!!"
  • "I absolutely love the LinkedIn guide you wrote and then updated. I'd love more templates and guides for additional document writing, such as reference page and guides, social media updating guides, etc. Things I can give or sell to my clients as an added benefit to my resume writing."
  • "Guidebooks and information sheets to give to clients as part of paid packages."
  • "Resume writing/career coaching book recommendations. Contract samples/templates. Scripts for talking to referral partners (especially recruiters)."
  • "You are already doing it, and doing it well!"
  • "Show us how to set up merge fields in resume documents, invoices, contracts, etc. to save time when dealing with clients. That way, we only need to type the name, email, address, phone number in once, and then it automatically populates where it needs to in accompany documents."
  • "Keep on doing what you're doing; it's great"
  • "I would like more information to help potential clients understand the differences between the various certifications out there. There is no apples-to-apples comparison right now. Potential clients seem to simply view a certification as a certification -- with no differentiation."
  • "I would love to see a business case for companies, nonprofits, state career centers, university career centers, etc. (organizations that already have a career services component) bringing in resume writer consultants to conduct training and speaking. I often get the cold shoulder with the attitude of "We already offer what you do," but they don't offer the same level of quality and don't have the same level of expertise (or credentials). I am tired of trying to convince them."
  • "Products that are pre-written so I don't have to use my downtime not writing to write more!"
  • "More potential customer referrals for resume writing."
  • "Speaking engagements: Who, what, when, where, why, how."
  • "I appreciate the resources you produce. They are of excellent quality and tremendously useful to clients. Thank you for your hard work!"
  • Already benefiting with Get Clients Now! but more information/support/resources regarding improving quality of subcontracting relationships, e.g., average income for subcontractor. I think this will benefit the industry generally, both on the subcontractor side and the contracting side."
  • "Continued access to tip sheets and instructional materials for us and for clients."
  • "Survey results like this to understand industry trends and peer perception."
  • "Unbiased information / Bridget's wisdom."
  • "I love the ready-made special reports (Pass-Along Materials) that I can give to clients to supplement the coaching/resume writing work we are doing."
  • "I love my membership in BARW! It is a goldmine of information and education."
  • "More insight into the daily operation of other resume writing businesses. How do they do it?"
  • "How to establish a membership-based site." 

I appreciate all the feedback, ideas, and positive comments!

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