Sunday, October 21, 2007

Speed Resume Writing

For some resume writers, speed and turnaround time can be a competitive advantage. However, for every resume writer, meeting client deadlines is critical. Because each resume is different (and each client is unique), it sometimes can feel like you're starting from scratch each time you sit down to start a project.

In addition to the tips published in my book, "Write Great Resumes Faster" (2nd edition), here are some ideas:
  • Create an inspiration notebook. Some resume writers maintain a hard copy "library" of past projects, categorized alphabetically by job title. Others create a Word document into which they copy-and-paste Qualifications Profiles, lists of keywords, and cover letter closings.
  • Develop a list of electronic resources you can count on. Creating a Word document with links to key online research sites can save you time searching Google for the right link. Or use the "Favorites" tool in your web browser to collect web links.
  • Create a visual cue for your writing. Creating cluster "word maps" can be a useful way to organize your thoughts for a resume. Write the client's job title in the middle of a piece of paper and then draw "spokes" to key concepts you want to cover in the document.

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