Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Spot Runner: A New Tool for Getting Business?

I first heard about Spot Runner a few years back, when I read an article about them in a business magazine. The premise was simple: They created television spots for multiple industries that could be "tagged" -- that is, you could customize them to easily fit your company.

They're an Internet-based advertising agency that makes it easy for local businesses to advertise on television.

They were designed for smaller businesses, like dentists, Realtors®, or boutique travel agencies ... and now they've even got two ads available for resume writers specifically. (I'd embed the videos directly in here, but I can't figure out how!)

Running a television campaign isn't cheap -- Spot Runner recommends running them for a minimum of four weeks to achieve your result of either brand awareness or direct response. You could run a pretty comprehensive campaign for as little as $500 a week (plus the one-time cost of customizing the ad). But you'll pay as little as $4 per ad, and get on high-profile channels in *your* area.

I ran a sample campaign in Omaha and $4,000 could get me 854 spots over a four week period on cable channels like E!, HGTV, and more. It averaged out to less than $5.00 per commercial, and that included the ad production AND airtime to run the ads.

I can see this being a great lead generator for local or regional resume writing groups, like the Arizona Resume Writer's Council. It might be too much exposure for a small, single writer (imagine if you ran 200 spots per week, and you got 40-50 calls per week! Better have your subcontractors lined up ahead of time!) But if you converted even 10% of the callers, that would be 4-5 new projects per week.

Click the ad below and search the TV ad inventory for "resume writing" to find the two spots -- "Get The Edge" and "Steve's World." Then imagine *your* resume writing business is the one being promoted. It could just revolutionize your business. (Especially if you target a local clientele and charge at least $250 per resume package on average.)

Put your business on TV with Spot Runner

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