Monday, October 29, 2007

Tiger Woods' Resume

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One of my favorite authors on, Dr. John Sullivan, has an excellent article for recruiters and hiring managers about how they're not set up to hire a "superstar" like Tiger Woods. ("How NOT to Hire Tiger Woods!")

One of the points he makes is how the resume vetting process is not set up to favor clients with unusual backgrounds -- even though they may be top performers in their field:

Having a poorly designed resume screening process. Even if he did submit a resume, most resume screening systems would reject the real Tiger Woods because he was a college dropout (even if it was from Stanford). Despite being the world's top golfer, his resume might be rejected because of his grades, because he misspelled a word, because of his non-rigorous academic major, or even because for a long period he had no steady "continuous" record of employment. He might even be rejected by some in your firm because he would be clearly judged as "overqualified" for this "average" position.

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