Thursday, October 18, 2007

Q-and-A With ResumeSpider's Steve Shellist

Add Value to Your Clients — and Profit to Your Pocket —
With ResumeSpider Affiliate Services

An interview with Steve Shellist of ResumeSpider, conducted by Bridget (Weide) Brooks, CPRW. A full article on ResumeSpider will appear in the November/December issue of Resume Writers' Digest.

I had the chance to sit down with Steve and ask him about how resume writers can use ResumeSpider to benefit their clients and generate additional revenue for their career services business.

Bridget: What is ResumeSpider?
Steve: Our philosophy is that ResumeSpider is “targeted list building and lead generation for networking.” We provide your clients with access to 124,000 prescreened recruiters, employers, and hiring managers. There are millions of companies out there, and no way for your clients to reach them all.

Bridget: How is ResumeSpider different than other services?
Steve: We see ourselves as similar to or eHarmony. We specialize in matchmaking, not in mass broadcast e-mails to unqualified recipients. Our product is only as good as the list we have, so we work hard to develop targeted lists for jobseekers. We can’t guarantee jobs, but we do guarantee delivery. Our biggest priority is making the match stronger and the list cleaner.

Bridget: How does the ResumeSpider process work?
Steve: Clients use our SpiderMatch process. They can select up to two job functions, 12 industries, and nine geographic preferences. They can preview the results and then decide whether or not to proceed. Through their online account, they can track the resumes sent and when they were opened. After sending the campaign, they can use our real-time messaging system, SpiderTalk, to follow-up with the contacts that received their résumé.

Bridget: How can resume writers use ResumeSpider with their clients?
Steve: Resume writers can earn a 30% commission on the services they sell to their clients, using their unique affiliate tracking code. Our services range from $39.95 to $99.95, and resume writers can earn $12 to $30 per sale. They can either provide their affiliate code to clients, or they can set up a demo account for their client (we provide an instruction booklet to help resume writers easily do this) and provide the client with the login information to access the dashboard.

Bridget: Are there marketing materials available to help resume writers spread the word to their clients?
Steve: Yes. When a resume writer signs up for their affiliate account (go to, they will be able to access banners, text links, and e-mail signatures. They will have their own back office to access this information as well as statistics about the commission they are earning.

Bridget: What is the potential commission resume writers can earn from ResumeSpider in an average month?
Steve: If you write 5-7 resumes per week, and convert 5-6 of them each month to ResumeSpider clients, you will earn $100 to $120 per month (based on a $65 average sale price, resulting in a $20 commission per order). But remember, they don’t have to be one of your clients to be one of our clients — meaning, every visitor to your website is a potential sale. You can easily double your affiliate profits if you have a web site that gets decent traffic and you promote ResumeSpider visibly to visitors.

Bridget: In addition to the commission, how else can resume writers make money from clients using ResumeSpider?
Steve: If you don’t already provide your clients with an ASCII text file as part of your services, that is an additional revenue opportunity as well. We recommend providing the resume in two formats, as a Word document and an ASCII text file.

Bridget: Thanks for the information, Steve.
Steve: No problem. Resume writers who want more information on becoming an affiliate can also contact our Affiliate Support department by calling 888-737-8635 x 103, or e-mail

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