Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Can Your Clients Get Paid to Interview?

I saw this article on About.com about a site called "NotchUp" that offers a unique twist in the employment search process.

Here's the description from the article:

Employers Find You:

Instead of searching for employers online and submitting your resume to apply for a job, job seekers can create a profile on NotchUp and set an interview price. Participating employers (including Google, Yahoo, and Baraccuda) pay candidates to interview. The goals are to save money for companies and earn money for candidates, as well as saving them job search time, because companies will be approaching you rather than the other way around. In theory, it's cheaper for a company to pay for a candidate's time than it is to pay a recruiter or post on a job site.

There are some checks and balances, so that candidates can't just interview for the sake of making money. Companies can rate candidates and you won't get paid if you're a no-show or late, aren't serious, or lied in your profile.

Candidates must be referred to NotchUp to participate.

Have you heard of this service? Has one of your clients used it? Let me know...

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