Thursday, February 14, 2008

What is a Structured Interview?

Do you offer interview coaching? Are you aware of a new technique in interviewing, the structured interview?

Using a structured interview presentation, candidates clearly communicate their understanding of the job, demonstrate both their match with position requirements and their fit with the corporate culture. Hiring managers get consistent in-depth information about candidates that improves the interview process and helps hiring managers make a “best fit” hiring decision. With structured interviews, candidates perform better. The hiring manager’s selection decisions are greatly enhanced resulting in improved retention with lower turnover costs and a more competitive workforce.

Eric KramerKennedy Information is hosting a 60-minute training program on Thursday, Feb. 21, "Increase 'Best Fit' Hiring Decisions with Structured Interview Techniques" presented by Eric Kramer, CIO of Innovative Career Services.

The workshop will cover:

  1. The three most important interview questions that must be answered to make a “best fit” hiring decision.
  2. The eight critical elements of a well structured interview presentation.
  3. An interview presentation process that candidates and hiring managers can learn quickly and use easily.
  4. Candidates’ and hiring managers’ real life experiences using an interview presentation tool, and more.
Eric Kramer’s experience includes working as a Career Consultant and Career Center Manager with one of the country’s largest outplacement firms. As a Senior Consultant, Eric worked with hundreds of job searchers individually and in groups teaching them job search skills and coaching them through their interviews. Eric has authored two books, What to Think What to Do- 100+ Hints for Successful Interviewing and What to Think What to Do- 100+ Hints for Successful Networking. Eric also serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for Recruiting Trends, a Kennedy Information publication.

The cost is $149, and you can pre-register and receive a recording of the teleseminar, even if you're unable to attend.

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