Friday, June 20, 2008

Free Continuing Education

The price of gas is up; airfares are outrageous; you can't even THINK about leaving your office for more than a day ... what's a resume writer who wants to keep on learning to do?

One option is teleseminars and webinars. I list lots of those in each issue of Resume Writers' Digest -- but did you know there are FREE teleseminars out there too? In addition to the ones I've listed on here from the Reach Branding Club, if you're a member of Career Directors International, you can also take advantage of their free teleseminars. And if you're not able to attend the live call, you can download the audio from the Members Only section of their website at any time!

An e-mail from Laura DeCarlo caught my attention as a member was raving about a recent program* on "Prospering Despite a Downturn Market" So I checked out some other programs that are available in the free section. Here are just a few of the other offerings:
  • Background Investigation Mega Trends
  • Best Practices in Career Services Pricing
  • Best Practices in Creating Resume USPs
  • Media Strategies Tips Seminar
  • Resume Fraud Mega Trends Report

If you're already a member of Career Directors International, log in to the Members Only section and click on "Audio Recordings." If you're not a member, consider joining. Go to and click on "Future Members" for a list of membership benefits. Click on the "Join Now" button on the right side of the page.

If you join by July 31 and mention "Resume Writers' Digest" in the "Special Instructions Field," you'll save $25 off the regular $150 membership rate! (Note: The cart will show $150, but when you type "Resume Writers Digest" in the comments box, it will be processed at the special rate of $125.)

* This quote from Laura Labovich of A & E Consulting, LLC, is what caught my attention in the e-mail:

"To think I almost missed the call! My head is spinning since the call ended. I wish I had been more prepared to take notes, because the ideas that were suggested were nothing short of brilliant. I honestly did not want the call to end. In short, I learned easy ways to increase my exposure in the marketplace during a market downturn, without spending a lot of money or dumping my last dollar into advertising. I think this could be a 10-part series, and I know that I wouldn't miss a single one. What a great class...thank you!"

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