Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Have You Been Critiqued by TheLadders?

There has been some controversy in the resume writing community lately as clients of a few resume writers have submitted their new resume to The Ladders for a free resume critique and come back to their resume writer with the feedback that the client's resume needs further help.

I received an e-mail from a member of the Career Management Alliance that TheLadders is concerned about this issue, and wants your feedback:


Daniel Cohen from TheLadders writes the following:

TheLadders.com is committed to providing the best possible services to our current and future members. We are equally committed to working to promote goodwill in the resume writing community.

If you feel your work has been unfairly critiqued please send an email to Daniel.Cohen@theladders.com. The following information, while not required, will allow him to investigate the matter and make sure that all necessary action is taken;

Please provide:
-Client name
-Client email address
-Copy of the resume you provided (so I can verify it is the same one sent in
for a critique)

If you are one of the resume writers involved, and you want to share (anonymously, of course) what the situation is ... call me at (402) 393-4600. I'll report the details, but will keep your specific information confidential.

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